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Regular membership in the local alumni chapter is open to all TSU alumni living in the states of Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. Alumni means that you attended TSU for at least one semester or quarter term. Associate membership is offered to any non-TSU grad who has a genuine interest in the local chapter or the University. Annual regular membership dues are currently $75.00, comprising $45.00 for local chapter dues and $30.00 for membership in the National Alumni Association. Life membership dues within the National Alumni Association, are also available to TSU alumni, for $750.00 (which can paid in one lump sum or within a 12 month period through installments). Associate membership dues are $75.00 annually. Dues can now be paid online via Paypal. However, if you prefer to use postal service, then membership dues should be made payable to 'WDC-TSUAA' and mailed to: P.O. Box 2997, WDC, 20013.

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