LaKita E. Rowe

Rest In Peace LaKita Rowe


Greetings, TSUAA-WDC Alumni Chapter family and friends.

Sadly, we are sharing with you the news that our chapter president, LaKita Rowe, passed on Wednesday, June 10th, due to recent health complications from which she was unable to overcome.

Ever dedicated to the success of our chapter and always willing to lend a hand, her kind spirit will most certainly be missed.

As everyone knows, COVID-19 has altered how families are able to celebrate the life of their loved one. LaKita’s family has chosen cremation, and will host a memorial service at a later date. Once the chapter is made aware of follow-on information from LaKita’s family, we will share that you.

Our condolences to and prayers for LaKita’s family and friends.

Blessings to all, and take care to stay safe.

Forever Blue.


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